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Guardrail Solutions

Swivelpole™ S Series with HVPT vibration dampening

ST-Series models with HVPT vibration dampening

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Swivelpole™ ST Series with HVPT vibration dampening

Structure Mounted - Independent of Guardrail

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Swivelpole™ H-Series freestanding lowering pole (NEC)

Freestanding Solutions

Column/Wall Solutions

Swivelpole™ C-Series column and wall mounted lowering pole (NEC)

Build a Swivelpole™ Greenfields (New Build)

View our range of versatile components that enable you to design and build custom pole solutions for your clients and customers.

  • Customers and engineers can futureproof their project simply and cost effectively by specifying the installation of a Maxis™ or Safe Swivel™ Joint into the design
  • Contractors/Fabricators can now build a lowering pole by simply using the Maxis™ or Safe Swivel™ Joint

Convert to Swivelpole™ Brownfields (Existing)

Enable safe and affordable access to any pole-mounted equipment. Simple conversion process without impact to existing wiring or design intent.

  • Anyone can easily convert pre-existing poles to lowering poles by installing a Maxis™ or Safe Swivel™ Joint using the ingenious pole conversion tool kit.
  • Option 1: Unplanned Maintenance

    Have Maxis™ or Safe Swivel™ Joints on hand and progressively convert and upgrade

  • Option 2: Project Upgrades

    Planned upgrades for all or part of the site