Resort General Manager, Ivan Hill, estimated that it was costing  around $1,000 to change a lamp in the carpark, once you added in the  hire of a cherry picker and electrical contractor time on site. They had  also experienced thefts of flags from flag poles around the property as  the ropes were accessible from the ground.

So when they heard about the Safe Swivel™ Joint and how easy it is to  convert existing rigid poles to lowering poles, they jumped at the  opportunity to get their poles converted.

Electrical contractor, Jason Pennell from Silver Sands Electrical  Services, was onsite to change the poles to lowering poles — a process  that takes under one hour per pole to complete thanks to the Swivelpole™  Pole Conversion System (can be purchased or hired from Swivelpole). No  hot work permits or special safety equipment needed, and work can be  done at ground level.


Previously, equipment could be out-of-order until a number of  fixtures needed changing or until access equipment could be organised,  which would lead to poorly lit areas of the property. As well as concern  for the safety and security of staff and guests, this has implications  for property and public liability insurance premiums.

Maintenance staff can now easily upgrade, change, clean or inspect  lamps or flags without specialist equipment such as cherry pickers or  ladders or specialist expertise. This means their lighting fixtures are  better maintained and serviced when they individually require it.

The optional security cover for the Safe Swivel™ Joint is a  custom-made, lockable plate covering access bolts, therefore protecting  flags and expensive luminaires from theft.

Swivelpole™ also have a range of commercial solutions launched in  June 2017 — both freestanding (F-Series) or wall /column mounted  (C-Series).

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