Mining vehicles, including autonomous vehicles, require communications equipment mounted to a mast. The antenna needs to be above the highest part of the vehicle, to ensure it continually receives a strong signal.

Vehicles such as trucks, loaders, dozers and excavators continually deal with rough terrain that causes immense amounts of vibration and ultimately failure to rigid masts and equipment. There is an enormous cost from downtime and lost production when vehicles are offline for maintenance and repairs.

Swivelpole™ has developed a vibration dampening mast solution for mounting communications equipment on mining vehicles, solving a significant problem for global resources companies.

The Swivelpole™ unique swivelling technology allows the antenna to be lowered to a safe working height quickly and easily. Some of the benefits of Swivelpole™ technology are:

· Allows antenna to be lowered to a safe working height for maintenance and repairs.

· High vibration pole top solution overcomes the severe vibration.

· The solution is lightweight, durable, and fully adjustable to suit different vehicles and mounting positions.

· Allows mounting of the antenna in the best position to minimize the interference from the cab, mirrors, and other obstructions.

If you have any questions about Swivelpole™ or how we could make your mining vehicles run more efficiently while reducing downtime, then please do not hesitate to contact us directly.