Did you know that you can upgrade existing walkway lighting to LED without elevated work platforms, scaffolds, or ladders and without the need to open the junction box (t-box)?

A typical water treatment plant has tens, if not hundreds, of 2-3m rigid conduit poles with a junction box located at the bottom of the light pole, outside of the guardrail.

Disconnecting at the junction box can be a nightmare with the seal or wiring potentially breaking.

Conventionally, upgrading fixtures on rigid light poles would require an elevated work platform or scaffold and fall arrest systems. This method is expensive, time consuming and now outdated. Use of ladders near guardrails is forbidden.

Today’s Solution for Upgrading Walkway Lighting

Swivelpole™ allows you to upgrade your existing light fixtures to LED by installing the Maxis™ joint using the pole conversion tool kit. This converts the rigid pole to a lowering pole in less than 30 min. The old light fixture is disconnected, and new LED connected at the pole top when it is lowered to a safe working height.

The good news? You can do everything from the safety of the platform as our solution lowers the light fixture to you. Watch how the conversion is done here.

The Swivelpole™ lowering pole solution ensures that you will never have to worry about time-consuming lighting maintenance at your facility ever again. Swivelpole™ lowers the light fixture to a safe working height for cleaning, repairs, and maintenance.

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