If you’ve ever had to send an employee up a ladder, build scaffolding, or bring in elevating boom equipment to change a light bulb, you already know how frustrating, time-consuming, dangerous, and expensive it can be. Despite improvements in technology, LED fixtures still require access for cleaning and maintenance.

Light poles need to be elevated enough to illuminate areas such as walkways and catwalks consistently, but this, unfortunately, means that light fixtures can’t be reached. When maintenance is required, you need special equipment to access the fixtures, multiple employees involved, and the entire process of changing a light bulb turns into an expensive nightmare.

Swivelpole™ eliminates this through its revolutionary swivel joint that quickly allows you to lower the light fixture to a position where maintenance can happen at a safe and comfortable height. It doesn’t require any technical training, height equipment, or complicated safety procedures. One person can quickly and easily change a light bulb without any problems.

Ease of Installation with Swivelpole™

The Swivelpole™ lowering pole solution has been designed to be compliant with all industries where walkway lighting is required, including mining, oil and gas, chemical, petroleum, cement, and fertilizer plants, water treatment facilities, and the food and beverage industry.

With the Swivelpole™ lowering pole solution, you eliminate the need for complicated installation

·         No special training necessary

·         Easy to install components

·         No grinding

·         No welding

·         No touch-up painting

To see how easy the Swivelpole™ system is to install, check out this product installation video.

With the specially designed mounting brackets, Swivelpole™ is entirely free of the top handrail leaving it obstruction-free.

There are a variety of different mounting options, including walkway, column/wall and freestanding solutions.

High-quality Components Are Designed to Withstand the Harshest Environmental Conditions

From the sub-zero frozen temperatures of Northern Canada and Alaska to the hot and dusty conditions of the Australian outback. Built to last, Swivelpole™ can withstand almost all weather conditions you could imagine and have an impressive ROI for anyone operating extensive facilities.

If you have been searching for a cost-effective and safe access solution for your company, then Swivelpole™ must be your first call!

If you have any questions about Swivelpole™ or would like to find out how you can install the Swivelpole™ lowering pole solution in your facility, don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more. Our friendly and professional team is always happy to help.