In both commercial and industrial settings, lighting design is an important consideration. For both indoor and outdoor lighting, this should include ease and cost effectiveness of routine cleaning and maintenance, repair and replacement, and ease of upgrading to new technologies as they become available.

With indoor lighting, that’s relatively easy to accomplish. But with outdoor pole mounted lights — particularly those installed on stairs, catwalks and platforms — the access options are limited, due to the location of the light fixture. Because of the often hard to reach locations, upkeep or upgrades require special equipment and procedures. As a result, maintenance costs are unnecessarily expensive.

However, you can design and build your new outdoor pole lighting to increase your return on investment by lessening and possibly eliminating these excessive costs. And they’ll positively affect other areas like worker safety. With a little forethought and planning, you really can future proof your outdoor lighting design.

Design and build a better lighting pole

When planning your Greenfield installations, specifying Swivelpole’s Maxis™ joint is a simple, cost effective means of safeguarding your outdoor lighting investment. The Maxis™ joint allows light fixtures to be lowered to worker level for future installations, maintenance and repair, and upgrade replacements for new, more efficient lighting technologies.

The new Swivelpole™ S3 M1 AL affords versatile options to anyone involved in designing and installing outdoor pole lighting:

  • Customers and engineers can specify a complete lowering pole solution during the design phase.
  • Contractors and fabricators can build a lowering pole onsite by using the component option, using their own pipe/conduit.
  • Optional accessories make installations even easier and more cost effective.

A quick look at the component features of the next generation Swivelpole™ S3 M1 AL will highlight the benefits you’ll realise.

For onsite DIY builds, you now have more options

The Swivelpole™S3 M1 AL is constructed with a zinc aluminium Maxis™ joint that’s suitable for use with either aluminum or hot-dip galvanised pipe/conduit. It simplifies the process for onsite installations to:

  1. Purchasing and receiving the Maxis™ joint
  2. Obtaining any optional accessories needed such as stanchion mounting brackets or luminaire mounts
  3. Purchasing the pipe/conduit in bulk from a local supplier
  4. Assembling and installing the complete lighting pole

This short video illustrated how easily installation is accomplished.

By procuring aluminium pipe/conduit from a local supplier, multiple poles can be cut to size and mounted as a group for quicker area or site installation. With an overall height range of between 2400mm (8 feet) and 3000mm (10 feet), fixture height can be evenly adjusted for a consistent look.

While hot-dip galvanised poles can be used, there are benefits to using aluminium pipe: Lighter weight for reduced stress on stanchions, corrosion resistance, cost effective and it’s suitable for all wind regions. With a selection of optional accessories and mounting brackets, customising the lighting pole is simple. For example, you may want to raise the cable junction to a more accessible, comfortable location. Cable management brackets and junction box plate attach directly to the pole for ease of access.

Be sure to check your local electrical code requirements first, though. Whether you want to attach to the stanchion, or both the stanchion and structure, the correct brackets are available. Of course, not everyone wants to assemble the components onsite. So a complete pole can be purchased from the factory, built to your specifications. Designing and installing more effective, future proofed pole lighting has never been easier.

If your pole lighting is already installed, you can still take advantage of Swivelpole’s Maxis™ joint by using a pole conversion kit.

The Swivelpole™ lowering pole solution is recognised globally for providing simple, fast and affordable access to light fixtures and equipment. The innovative access solutions eliminate the risk of working at heights, through the controlled lowering of light fixtures and equipment to a safe and comfortable working position.

Maxis™ is the next generation lowering pole solution for safely accessing light fixtures and equipment.