You know that the Swivelpole™ lowering pole makes routine lighting  maintenance a snap. And while it’s available as a complete OEM product,  you can also convert rigid poles to lowering poles by installing the Maxis™ joint and using the pole conversion tool kit.

You know this is the option you want … and need. But how do you convince your supervisors and company buyers?

Did you know it has three often-overlooked benefits that can save even more time and money, and make you a champion within your safety department?

Here are some benefits that will surprise you. And knowing them will help you present your new idea to the executives upstairs.

  1. Using Swivelpole™ helps you stay compliant with regulatory demands.  It does this, in part, by eliminating the need for filling out  time-consuming permits. For example, you’ll never need a hot works  permit to repair lights. You won’t even need one when using the  conversion tool kit.
  2. Not only will you save time and money now, but on future lighting maintenance. You’ll knock off about 93% in your ongoing lighting maintenance budget.  For example, a plant with 500 light poles could save $7.7 million over  25-year asset life-cycle from installing Swivelpole™. Will that make  your bosses do the happy dance?
  3. Most importantly, there are the benefits you provide your team of  maintenance professionals. When using this system, you provide a safe  and ergonomically sound work environment for them. Without ladders to  lug around, scaffolds to assemble or elevated work platforms to jockey  around, they’ll get the job done quickly and safely. And with a big  smile on their faces. Productivity will skyrocket.

Let’s talk about that last one for just a minute. Will a safe  workplace really make a difference in your team’s productivity? History  proves it.

Back in the 1830’s, Joseph Strauss set off in a monumental project:  the Golden Gate Bridge. The estimated cost of this project was  $30,000,000. At the time, an “acceptable” figure for worker fatalities  on high steel projects was one death per one million dollars of project  cost.

But, like you, Joseph Strauss found this expected fatality statistic horrific.

So he set out to change the status quo.

He commissioned the world’s biggest and most expensive safety net. For a cost of $130,000, a huge, manila-rope net was stretched under the entire expanse of the 4,200-foot bridge.

Did it work? Without doubt!

He cut the number of fatalities by almost half the industry norm. And  that’s not all. He was able to come in well ahead of deadline and $1.3  million under budget!

Think about it.

By using one single safety net, he saved time, money, and more importantly … lives. In every aspect, he was a champion.

We want you to be the champion in your job. Your boss will need some  concrete evidence and we can provide you with that information. Just click here to read the benefits of Swivelpole™.

You can be the next Joseph Strauss!

The Swivelpole™ lowering pole solution is  recognised globally for providing simple, fast and affordable access to light fixtures and equipment. The innovative access solutions eliminate the risk of working at heights, through the controlled lowering of light fixtures and equipment to a safe and comfortable working position.

Maxis™ is the next generation lowering pole solution for safely accessing light fixtures and equipment.