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Swivelpole™ R2 M1 & R2 M2

Maxis™ joint with pole top
Convert rigid poles to lowering poles by installing a Maxis™ joint using the pole conversion tool kit.
  • Designed for installation in accordance with IEC standards.
  • Suitable for DN40 and DN50 existing rigid poles.
  • Standard pole top finish options: Hot-dip Galvanised (HG) or Aluminium (AL).
  • Standard Maxis joint finishes: Zinc Aluminium coated (Z) and Stainless Steel (SS) R2 M1 only.
  • Compatible with Hot-Dip Galvanised and Aluminium existing rigid poles.

Where to buy?

Swivelpole™ products are available from all major electrical wholesalers. To find your nearest wholesaler contact us.

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Ordering Information

Swivelpole™ R2 M1 & R2 M2IEC

Installed height (mm)
Pole top (DN)
Pole top length (mm)
Existing pole base (DN)
Weight (kg)
Max equipment weight (kg)*
Pole top finish
Product code
HG: Hot-dip GalvanisedAL: AluminiumZ: Zinc AluminiumAll dimensions are nominal, in imperial sizes
*Maximum equipment weight refers to operational limits, not its structural capacity and includes the total of any equipment and its mounting bracket.

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